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Resources in Canada Pre-Death Page

As pan-death alternatives are a very new development in Canada, we have only listed those which we are aware of.   We hope to be able to eventually provide links to specific information for each of the provinces and territories.   If you are aware of an alternative death-care service being offered in your area, please let us know at contact us.   Information on the actual pan-death process (what/when/where/how) is covered under the Post-death Care/Home Funerals page.

One of CINDEA's mandates is to bridge the gap between pre-death and post-death services — services that are rarely directly connected.   We recognize that we are enforcing that gap by offering pre-death and post-death resources on separate pages of this site.   However, it was necessary to avoid the Resources in Canada pages from becoming too long.   We hope that you will consider both the pre-death and post-death pages when looking for resources to plan your end-of-life affairs.   Alternative death-care providers are listed in the brighter blue text.

CINDEA has a formal recognition process for Death Midwives, Death Doulas/Thanadoulas, and Home Funeral Guides.    CINDEA-recognized Death Midwives are acknowledged by the symbol to the right.  

CINDEA also has a 'training options' PDF including programs (or singular courses) in Canada (usually 'in person'), and online (but not necessarily Canadian) that are accessible for Canadians interested in the alternative death-care field.  CINDEA can provide the Canadian component (ex. Canadian laws/regulations) and support for Canadians taking any non-Canadian online training program.

Table of Contents for Canadian Resources
(click on any of the headings or sub-headings below to jump to that section)

Throughout the pan-death process

Death Midwifery and related services

CANADABritish Columbia


Primarily pre/during death care

Advance Care Planning resources (Advance/Health Directives and Representation/Proxy Agreements)
by Province and Territory
Dementia Information
    General Information
Canadian Studies on Dementia within the population
Bedside Singing and Music Thanatology
British Columbia      Ontario
Hospice and Palliative Care Services
Family Caregiving Resources

by Provinces and Territory

Death Doulas/Thanadoulas
    B.C.      Ontario
Evolving Attitudes towards Dying/Death
 Right to Die
Organ and Tissue Donations (transplant or research)
by Provincial and Territory
Further EOL Advance Care Planning Resources
Other EOL Resources
    Canadian Will Kits or On-line
    Elder Law and Mediation Canada
    General Information for Seniors CANADA
      by Province and Territory
Ombudsperson and CARP resources for seniors
      by Province and Territory

(For post-death resources, click here)

Throughout the Pan-Death process

Death Midwifery offering direct and integrated support to Death Journeyers and their families from terminal diagnosis, through dying process, and to funeral/memorial and bereavement


CINDEA — Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives — see the Death Midwifery page for a description of the Death Midwife, and the other services focusing on one specific facet of the pan-death processs (Death Doula, Home Funeral Gude, Funeral Celebrants, etc.)   
Death Midwifery Canada — support e-group for those involved in some aspects of the development of Death Midwifery in Canada (contact us to subscribe)

British Columbia

Journeying Beyond — Victoria Death Midwife services offering pan-death (before, during and after death) education and support to families, including Home Funeral and Funeral Celebrant services; as well as Advance-care Planning consultation, particularly comprehensive Advance Directives and Representation Agreements.     Pashta MaryMoon is available by phone, email or Skype for consultation   Phone: (250) 383-4065  Email: and Facebook page

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Pre/during Death

Advance Care Planning Resources primarily Advance/Personal Directives and Representation/Proxy Agreements, otherwise referred to as a 'living will' [Note: these two elements of Advance Care Planning are sometimes dealt with in the same document.   Individual province/territory listings below use their specific terminology.]


Canadian Elder Law — information on Advance Directives (legislation, etc.) for all provinces/territories
Health Canada Advance Care Planning: the Glossary Project - Final Report extensive information on Advance/Personal Directives re all provinces/territories in Canada, although now somewhat out-of-date [Note: some of the links which lead to provincial information don't work any more, but the headings can be used to find the current pages.]
The Lean Legal Encyclopedia information on both documents, plus general Personal Health Care Directive Tutorial [Note: this information does not distinguish between different provincial/territorial legislation and terminology.]
Speak Up Provincial /Territorial resources for Advance Care Planning [Note: Speak Up is connected to the Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association]
Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association extensive written resources on Advance Care Planning

by Province and Territory [Note: although the legalistic language of the Public Trustee/Legal Guardian office can be somewhat confusing to the average person, they are included because they have a lot of information on Advance Care Planning issues although their focus is on situations where there is no Representative, Temporary Substitute Decision-maker and/or Power of Attorney available.   See  Public Trustees, Guardians and Administrators for All Provinces for certified Public Trustees.]

Alberta Dependent Adults Act (re agent) and Personal Directives Act (downloadable pdf)
Office of the Public Trustee for Represented Adults
(formerly known as dependent adults)
British Columbia Advance Directives, BC Medical Association on Advance Directives, Incapacity Planning and downloads forms for Representation Agreements and Enduring Power of Attorney, and Representation Agreements for Representative plus concerns about use of Advance Directives with Developmentally Disabled
Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia
The LGBT End-of-Life Conversations Website (including directory of LGBT-friendly 'end of life' services)
Manitoba Health Care Directive and Proxy
The Public Trustee of Manitoba Vulnerable Adults
Newfoundland/Labrador Advance Health Care Directive and Substitute Decision Maker
New Brunswick Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Attorney for Personal Care
Public Trustee Justice and Consumer Affairs
North West Territories Personal Directives and Agent
Office of the Public Guardian
Nova Scotia Personal Directives and ADULT GUARDIANSHIP AND PERSONAL Health Care Directives (downloadable pdf)
Office of the Public Trustee
Nunavut No specific legislation yet general living will
see Rules of Court Practice Directives — Nunavut Court of Justice Practice Directive #20: Applications under the Guardianship and Trusteeship Act by the Public Guardian or Public Trustee (Effective 01FEB2010)
Ontario ACE AdvocacyCentreElderly Library on Advance Directives and Power of Attorney for Personal Care, and Power of Attorney for Health care (downloadable pdf)
The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT)
Prince Edward Island Personal Care Directive and Proxy from Community Legal Information Association of Prince Edward Island Health and the Law
Public Trustee and Public Guardian
Quebec Mandates in Anticipation of Incapacity and Mandatary
Curateur Public Quebec
Saskatchewan Health Care Directives/Proxy and Health Care Directive
Public Guardian and Trustee
Yukon Advance Directives and related care, or under Care Consent Act Forms,
Representation Agreement
, and Considering Guardianship of an Adult
 (downloadable pdf)
Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee

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Dementia Information


General Information wide range of information on all dementia-related issues and services

Alzheimer Society of Canada, Provincial, regional and local Alzheimer Society offices, and Email for general information
Dementia Journey
Dementia Guide and Email for general information
Different types of Dementia from Toronto Dementia Network or Alzheimer Society
Veterans Affairs Canada on Dementia and Alzheimer Disease

Canadian Studies on Dementia within the population

Dementia amongst Seniors from Stats Canada (downloadable pdf)
Rising Tide: The Impact of Dementia in Canada by the Alzheimer Society January 2010

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Bedside Singing and Music Thanatology vocal or instrumental music, specifically suited to supporting the person (and their families/friends) through a serious illness or the dying process

Music Thanatology


CAMT — Canadian Association for Music Therapy (unclear if they support Music Thanatology — music used specifically to support the dying — although some music therapists do work in hospice situations)
MTAI — Music Thanatology Association International
Room 217 Foundation Resources & Links — music therapy, including for the dying; alos, an excellent list of resources for various end-of-life concerns, including grief/bereavement

Bedside Singing Resources using mostly a capella songs to support those who are seriously ill or dying

British Columbia

En~chanting Beyond Victoria — supporting the two major life-passages of dying and giving birth.For more information or a Bedside Singing visit, contact Pashta MaryMoon via Phone: (250) 383-4065 or
The Bedside Singers Victoria serving the Hospice Unit and Oncology Unit at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, B.C. Email:
Joy though Music Threshold choir Duncan offering Bedside Singing for individuals and community functions.Email: Cari at
Vancouver and Sunshine Coast Threshold choirs Vancouver and Sechelt two all-woman choirs, available to those struggling with both living and dying.Contact Jan Alexander (604) 608-2474


Hospice Peterborough Peterborough developing a Bedside Singing group in Peterborough, Ontario Attention: Jan Sterling-Twist at Tel: (705) 742-4042 Email:

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Hospice and Palliative Care Services medical 'comfort care' and other services, from terminal diagnosis through to active dying and death


Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association including Directory of Hospice Palliative Care Services list of national and provincial organizations; as well as excellent, comprehensive resources on end-of-life issues.   
Canadian Virtual Hospice — includes Advance Care Planning/Decision-making for different provinces/territories (several pages of resources — look for those for your province/territory); Advance Care Planning Workbook (downloadable PDF); and 'Ask a Professional'.   Portail Palliatif (French version of Canadian Virtual Hospice)    There are also a wide variety of Discussion Forums (including in the French version of the site) a safe, supportive forum for patients and caregivers to share openly; and which are both managed by a community moderator, and supported by a clinical team of palliative care experts.
E-hospice (related to Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association) — palliative care news, views, and inspiration from around the world: you can register to have specific kinds of articles sent to you by email (see the 'categories' tab) as they are published
Quality 'end of life' care coalition of Canada The Way Forward initiative for all Canadians (including non-professionals) to realize the right to die with dignity, free of pain, and surrounded by their loved ones
International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care information and directory for 9 countries, including all Canadian provinces and territories
National Cancer Institute - making choices about care excellent review on choices and services available (generally) for advanced cancer

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Family Caregiving Resources

CANADA (French versions available)

The Family Caregiver (information for all provinces/territories) — as well as by disease (lower right of site page)
Canadian Caregivers Connect (sponsored by VON) — information by province/territory (Caregiver Resources) and condition (Caring by Health Condition)
Victoria Order of Nurses (VON) — by province
Canadian Caregiver Coalition — general information and advocacy
Caregiver Resource Guide — federal and provincial/territorial services
Canadian Home Care Association — general information and advocacy
Care-ring Voice Network — information, teleseminars, support
Male Caregivers Community — discussion forums, articles and resources on the specific issues of being a male caregiver — available online to Canadians, and internationally — sponsored through Homewatch CareGivers International, see local Canadian branches
A Caregiver's Guide: A Handbook about End-of-Life Care by Canadian Virtual Hospice
Lotsa Helping Hands — an online way to develop communities of support for individual caregiving (or volunteer support) within your own area (Canada, U.S.A., and elsewhere)


by Province and Territory

Alberta Caregivers Association, Seniors Council-Caregiving, and Family Caregivers Network Alberta (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
British Columbia Family Caregivers' Network and Family Caregivers Network B.C. (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Manitoba Manitoba Caregiver Coalition and Family Caregivers Network Manitoba (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Newfoundland/Labrador Seniors Resource re Caregiving and Family Caregivers Network Newfoundland/Labrador (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
New Brunswick Home Support Association and Family Caregivers Network New Brunswick (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
North West Territories Family Caregivers Network NWT (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Nova Scotia Caregivers Nova Scotia and Family Caregivers Network Nova Scotia (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Nunavut Family Caregivers Network Nunavut (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Ontario Ontario Caregiver Coalition and Family Caregivers Network Ontario (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Prince Edward Island Family Caregivers Network P.E.I. (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Quebec Family Caregivers Network Quebec (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Saskatchewan Family Caregivers Network Saskatchewan (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)
Yukon Family Caregivers Network Yukon (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory)  

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Death Doulas/Thanadoulas
focusing on the emotional and spiritual elements of the pan-death process

British Columbia

Journeying Beyond — Victoria Death Midwife services offering pan-death (before, during and after death) education and support to families, including Home Funeral and Funeral Celebrant services; as well as Advance-care Planning consultation, particularly comprehensive Advance Directives and Representation Agreements.     Pashta MaryMoon is available by phone, email or Skype for consultation   Phone: (250) 383-4065  Email: and Facebook page


Institute of Traditional Medicine — Toronto — Contemplative 'End of Life' care training (click on "Contemplative End of Life Care program' under 'Explore Our Programs in Detail Below', to get a pop-up page on basic details of the program)
Barb Phillips — Cobourg — Thanadoula services offering pan-death education and support to families for Advance-care Planning, Home Funerals, and Funeral Celebrant services.   Barb Phillips is available by phone, email or Skype for consultation  Phone: (705) 924-3763  Email:
Funeral Alternatives — Hamilton 'End of Life' and Home Funeral Guide services supporting families before, during, and after a death; and in saying good-bye, in whatever ways they find most meaningful.   Rochelle Martin is available by phone or email for consultation   Phone: (905) 746-3074Email: and Facebook page

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Evolving Attitudes towards Dying/Death


Life and Death Matters — information and online training in an evolving psychosocial and spiritual approach to death
Death Cafe gatherings for conversation on a variety of 'death' topics (see map for how the Death Cafes are spreading across the world, including Canada)

Elsewhere There are few organizations that are fully devoted to modern evolving attitudes towards the process and support of dying/death.   Although not Canadian, we recommend the following:

The Order of the Good Death — U.S. based — information and videos (including "Ask a Mortican" YouTube videos) on concepts of death, especially appropriate to younger people
Dying into Love — U.S. based — workshops and videos (some free) in evolving concepts of dying and death — related to Doorway into Light, recognizing death as a sacred and spiritual passage
Sacred Dying Foundation — U.S. based — online death-vigil training in facilitating a calm, gracious, and spiritual presence with those who are dying (training available to Canadians)
Transitions Magazine — U.S.— regular issues on conscious, wholistic, and green approaches to the end of life
Dying Matters U.K. videos and information for raising awareness of chnaging approaches to dying, death and bereavement
GoodLife, GoodDeath, Good Grief U.K./Scotland online resources for supporting each other through death, dying and bereavement.

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Right to die organizations working towards securing or protecting the rights of individuals to self-determination at the end of their lives


World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies founded in 1980, consists of 38 right to die organizations from 23 countries
  Member organizations (including for Canada and elsewhere)
Canada news on the issue
Dying with Dignity (of Canada) A national organization dedicated to improving the quality of dying and expanding end-of-life choices in Canada includes related Canadian news and articles 55 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 802, Toronto, Ontario M4P 1G8, CANADA Tel: (416) 486-3998 or toll-free at 1-800-495-6156, Fax: (416) 486-5562, E-mail: — contact them for information on local or regional chapters of DWD in Canada (check top 'drop-down' menu for further developing chapters).
Right to Die Society of Canada 145 Macdonell Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6R 2A4 — Tel: (416) 535-0690 Toll-free: 1-866-535-0690 Email:
Farewell Foundation assistance only to members of the Society to end their lives by self-chosen death.   Information on membership is available on the site.
Canadian Unitarian Council Choices in Dying — a division of the National Unitarian Social Responsibility Monitoring Groups focused on 'choice in the manner of one's dying, including 'right to die' and other pan-death issues — Email for Choices in Dying: — main CUC office 100-344 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON M5R1V9, Phone: 416-489-4121 Toll Free: 1-888-568-5723 Email:
End-of-Life Decision-Making in Canada: The Report by the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel on End-of-Life Decision-Making (2011) extensive review of the issues around 'right to die' and 'assisted dying' in Canada (to date)


Association Québécoise pour le Droit de Mourir dans la Dignité (AQDMD)

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Organ and Tissue Donation (for transplant or research)


Canadian Living Organ donation: What you need to know (resources for all provinces/territories)
Canadian Association of Transplantation with a list of resources for all provinces/territories and general information
Canadian Transplant Society
Canadian Institute for Health Information - information on Organ Replacement
LifePassItOn (look under Organ and Tissue Donation for information and contacts for provinces/territories)
Canadian Funerals information on Body Donation (for research) in registered Medical Schools in Canada
AAMC Member Medical Schools in Canada

by Province and Territory

Alberta Organ Donation (HOPE program) , and Southern Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Program
British Columbia The BC Transplantation Support Network, and B.C. Transplant and its Organ donation registry
Manitoba Manitoba Government on Organ Donation   and Transplant Manitoba
Newfoundland/Labrador LifePassItOn - Organ/Tissue Donation
New Brunswick New Brunswick Organ Donation Program
North West Territories Organ Donation from Canadian Living Resources, Organ/Tissue Donation and LifePassItOn - Organ/Tissue Donation
Nova Scotia NS government links for organ donation issues/forms/etc., and LifePassItOn - Organ/Tissue Donation
Nunavut Organ Donation from Canadian Living Resources and LifePassItOn - Organ/Tissue Donation
Ontario Ontario Government forms for organ donation, Trillium Gift of Life Network, and
Be a Donor
Prince Edward Island PEI Coalition on Organ and Tissue Donation
Quebec Quebec Transplant (including pdf on information for 'living donors')
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan government Organ/Tissue Donation, and information on organ and tissue donation
Yukon Yukon government on Organ/Tissue Donation  

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Further EOL (end-of-life) Advance Care Planning Resources


Speak Up information on 'end of life' planning in Canada, in connection with the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care association includes registry of services for each province/territory
  also Provincial /Territorial resources
Seniors Canada or French version — government website on a range of issues for seniors, including planning for end-of-life
Health Canada - Palliative Care or French version — including Palliative Care and end of life and Palliative Care Info sheet for Seniors
    also Provincial/Territorial Role in Health
Long-Term Care Planning Network offering tools for both professionals and families on end-of-life planning through seminar series, web sites, newsletters, video series and print materials
Collaborative Seniors' Portal Network (CSPN) a collaborative on-line resources specifically for senior, including end-of-life planning
Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies Elder Planning Counsellors certified members' list
Certified Professional Consultant on Aging   find a CPCA near you (enter 'consultant' in the box 'service', as well as your city and province)
Living Lessons or French version information on end-of-life issues including Groups That Can Help, resources for the hospice palliative care community, and Toll-free information line to provide end-of-life information and support to Canadians across the country and around the world at 1-877-203-INFO 4636

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Other EOL Resources

Will Kits (which do not require a lawyer) — free on-line approval of will
CanLaw — downloadable will and Power of Attorney kits
Canadian Legal Wills — on-line approval of will
The Canadian Personal Will Kit — mailed Will and Testament, versions for each province — on-line approval of will
JurisMedia — downloadable Will and Testament in English and French, and for Canada and Quebec — on-line approval of will


Elder Law and Mediation CANADA

Canadian Centre for Elder Law
  And information on Elder Abuse resources in provinces/territories
The Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse — including "What is Elder Abuse?" registry of Canadian Elder Law lawyers by city or province — finding a lawyer by issue or province/territory (see Canada at bottom) — including Estate Lawyers and lawyers for other issues
Elder Mediation Canada —including roster of Elder Mediators in Canada


General Information for Seniors CANADA

Seniors' Care (Canadian Government)
Senior's Info and EOL issues (Canada and Ontario resources)

Provinces and Territories (governmental services and information)

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba Newfoundland & Labrador New Brunswick North West Territories
Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon


Ombudsperson on seniors' related issues or CARP (New Vision of Aging for Canada) support in dealing with problems related to any kind of organization/institution serving seniors [Note: not all provinces/territories have a specific division for seniors and/or people with disabilities: use 'search function' to find specific policy on seniors]

Provinces and Territories (ombudsperson or Carp services and information)

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba Newfoundland & Labrador New Brunswick North West Territories
Nova Scotia Nunavut Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon

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