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Books for Adults and Children
Non-Canadian Authors and/or Publishers

  Books for Adults by non-Canadians
  Books for Adults by non-Canadians
  Fiction Books on Death and Bereavement
for Children by non-Canadians

Non-fiction books on Death and Bereavement
for Children and Teens by non-Canadians

Canadian books, movies and documentaries for adults and children on death and bereavement,
and source acknowledgements,
are listed on the main 'Resources
Media' page

Please feel free to contact us with any further recommended titles for books on death or bereavement


Books for Adults by non-Canadians

  The Amateur’s Guide to Death and Dying: Enhancing the End of Life, by Richard Wagner, Ph.D. Nazca Plains, 2012 (see also Paradigms Programs and the books's site).
The American Way of Death, by Jessica Mitford: Buccaneer Books, 1963 [Wikipedia article]
The Art of Dying, by Patricia Weenolsen: St. Martin's Griffin, 1996
  The Art of Death Midwifery: An Introduction and Beginner's Guide, by Joellyn St. Pierre: BookSurge, 2009
Attending the Dying: A Handbook of Practical Guidelines, by Megory Anderson: Morehouse Publishing, 2005
Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande: Doubleday Canada, 2014
  Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death, by Joan Halifax: Shambhala, 2008
Being Mindful, Easing Suffering: Reflections on Palliative Care, by Christopher Johns: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004
Birth, Breath, and Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy and Life as a Doula (both birth and death), by Amy Wright Glenn: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013
Caring for the Dead; Your Final Act of Love, by Lisa Carlson: Upper Access, 1998
  Choosing Wisely: How Patients and Their Families Can Make the Right Decisions About Life and Death by Charles Radey: Bantam, 1992
  Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness and the Search for Meaning, by Jean Shinoda Bolen: Touchstone, 1996
The Conversation: A Revolutionary Plan for End-of-Care Care, by Angelo Volandes M.C.: Angelo Volandes, 2015 (also look for related videos)
  Conversations at Midnight: Coming to Terms with Dying and Death, by Herbert & Kay Kramer: Morrow, 1993.
  The Courage to Laugh: Humor, Hope, and Healing in the Face of Death & Dying, by Allen Klein: Tarcher, 1998.
  Dancing with Mister D: Notes on Life and Death, by Bert Keizer: Talese, 1997, 1996. (Dutch)
Dealing Creatively With Death; A Manual for Death Education and Simple Burial, by Ernest Morgan: Upper Access, Inc., 2001
The Death Class: A True Story About Life, by Erika Hayasaki: Simon & Schuster 2014
  Death: The Trip of a Lifetime, by Greg Palmer: HarperSanFrancisco, 1993
  Death is of Vital Importance by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Station Hill, 1995
  Death & Dying Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information for the Layperson about End-of-Life Care and Related Ethical & Legal Issues, edited by Annemarie S. Muth: Omnigraphics, 2000.
  Deathing: An Intelligent Alternative for the Final Moments of Life, by Anya Foos-Graber: Addison-Wesley, 1984
Death to Dust: What Happens to Dead Bodies?, by Kenneth Iserson: Lpc Group, 1994
  Dying: A Guide for Helping and Coping, by Martin Shepard: Permanent, 2000
  The Dying Time: Practical Wisdom for the Dying and Their Caregivers, by Joan Furman & David McNabb: Bell Tower, 1997
  Dying Well: The Prospect for Growth at the End of Life, by Ira Byock: Riverhead, 1997
Essentials for Practicing Home Funeral Guides (a resource guide for people who are offering home funeral guide services) by Lee Webster and Donna Belk: National Home Funeral Alliance, 2015 (note that this is focused on U.S. resources)
  Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death and Grief, by Donald P. Irish, Kathleen F. Lundquist, Vivian J. Nelsen: Taylor & Francis, 1993
  Facing Death: Where Culture, Religion, and Medicine Meet, ed. by Howard M. Spiro, Mary G. McCrea Curnen, & Lee Palmer Wandel: Yale, 1996
  Final Choices: To Live or to Die in an Age of Medical Technology, by George M. Burnell: Insight, 1993
  Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying, by Maggie Callanan & Patricia Kelley: Poseidon, 1992
  Final Journeys: A Practical Guide for Bringing Care and Comfort at the End of Life, by Maggie Callanan: Bantam, 2008
  Final Passages: Positive Choices for the Dying and Their Loved Ones, by Judith Ahronheim & Doron Weber: S&S, 1992
Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death, Joshua Slocum and Lisa Carlson: Upper Access, Inc., 2011
  Final Victory: Taking Charge of the Last Stages of Life, Facing Death on Your Own Terms, by Thomas A. Preston: Forum, 2000
  Fragments on the Deathwatch, by Louise Harmon: Beacon, 1998
  Grace and Grit: Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber, by Ken Wilber: Shambala, 1993
  Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial, by Mark Harris: Scribner 2008
  Gentle Closings: How to Say Goodbye to Someone You Love, by Ted Menten: Running, 1991
Gentle Dying, by Felicity Warner: Hay House Publishers, 2008
The Gift of Caring: Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare, by Marcy Cottrell Houle M.S, Elizabeth Eckstrom M.D. M.P.H., and Jennie Chin Hansen : Taylor Trade Publishing, 2015
  The Good Death: The New American Search to Reshape the End of Life, by Marilyn Webb: Bantam Books, Inc., 1999
The Good Funeral: Death, Grief, and the Community of Care, by Thomas Lynch and Thomas Long: Westminster John Knox Press, 2013
  The Grace in Dying: How We Are Transformed Spiritually as We Die, by Kathleen Dowling Singh: HarperSanFrancisco, 1998
  Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness, by Joanne Lynn, Joan Harrold, & the Center to Improve Care of the Dying, George Washington University: Oxford, 1999
Healing into Life and Death, by Stephen Levine: Anchor, 1989
  Holding Tight, Letting Go: Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer, by Musa Mayer: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1997
Home Funeral Planning Workbook for Families, by Lee Webster and Donna Belk: National Home Funeral Alliance, 2015
  The Hospice Handbook, by Larry Beresford: Little Brown, 1993
  How Different Religions View Death and Afterlife, by Christopher Jay Johnson and Marsha G. McGee: The Charles Press, 1998
  How to Cope with Fatal Illness: The Rational Management of Death & Dying, by Albert Ellis & Michael Abrams: Barricade, 1994
  How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter, by Sherwin B. Nuland: Knopf, 1994
  In Love With Life: Reflections on the Joy of Living and Why We Hate to Die, by John Lachs: Vanderbilt, 1998
  In search of Gentle Death: the fight for Your Right to Die with Dignity, by Richard N. Coté:Corinthian Books, 2012
  In The Service of Life : A Wiccan Perspective on Death, by Ashleen O'Gaea: Citadel, 2003
  Intimate Death: How the Dying Teach Us How to Live, by Marie de Hennezel: Knopf, 1997 (French)
  Last Wish, by Betty Rollin: PublicAffairs, LLC, 1998
  Leaves Falling Gently: Living Fully with Serious and Life-Limiting Illness through Mindfulness, Compassion, and Connectedness, by Susan Bauer-Wu: New Harbinger Publications, 2011
  Letting Go: Morrie's Reflections on Living While Dying, by Morrie Schwartz: Delta Books, 1996
Life Lessons: Two Experts on Death and Dying Teach Us about the Mysteries of Life and Living, by David Kessler and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: Simon & Schuster, 2001
Life to Death: Harmonizing the Transition: A Holistic and Meditative Approach for Caregivers and the Dying, by Richard W. Boerstler & Hulen S. Kornfeld, Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press, 1995
Living Beyond Fear: Coping With The Emotional Aspects of Life-Threatening Illness, by Jeanne Segal: Ballantine, 1989

Living Into Dying: A Journal of Spiritual and Practical Deathcare for Family and Community, by Nancy Jewel Poer: N.J. Poer, 2002

Living Our Dying: A Way To The Sacred In Everyday Life, by Joseph Sharp: Hyperion, 1996
Living Well, Dying Well, by Rachel Remen, M.D.: ISHI, 1995
Living With the End in Mind: A Practical Checklist for Living Life to the Fullest by Embracing Your Mortality, by Erin Tierney Kramp & Douglas H. Kramp, with Emily P. McKhann: Three Rivers, 1998
Living With Grief When Illness is Prolonged, by Kenneth J. Doka and Joyce Davidson: Taylor & Francis, 1997
Love Never Dies: Embracing Grief with Hope and Promise, by Larry M. Barber: Xulon Press, 2011

The Measure of Our Days: New Beginnings at Life's End (or A Spiritual Exploration of Illness), by Jerome Groopman: Viking (or Penguin), 1997

Midwives to the Dying, also known as Angel's Work, by Miriam Schneider and Jan Selliken Bernard: Barnes and Noble, 1992
The Needs of the Dying: A Guide for Bringing Hope, Comfort, and Love to Life's Final Chapter, by David Kessler: HarperCollins, 2007
On Death and Dying, by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Collier, 1993, 1969.
On Death and Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and Their Own Families, by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Taylor & Francis, 2008
On My Own, by Diane Rehm; Random Hourse, 2016
One You Love Is Dying: 12 Thoughts to Guide You On the Journey, by James E. Miller: Willowgreen Publishing, 1997
The Other Mid-Life Crisis: Everything You Need to Know About Wills, Hospitals, Life & Death Decisions and Final Matters (But Never Never Taught), by Adeline Rosemire: Meridian, 1994
The Oxford Book on Death (essays and quotes), edited by D.J. Enright: Oxford University Press, 1983
The Pagan Book of Living and Dying: Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations on Crossing Over, by Starhawk and M. Macha NightMare: HarperCollins, 1997
Peaceful Dying: The Step-By-Step Guide to Preserving Your Dignity, Your Choice, and Your Inner Peace at the End of Life, by Daniel R. Tobin, with Karen Lindsey: Perseus, 1999
Pinky Swear, by Persis Oberreither: Happy Camper Publishing, 2008
The Rights of the Dying, by David Kessler: Bantam Books, 1999
Rituals for Living & Dying: How We Can Turn Loss & the Fear of Death Into an Affirmation of Life, by David Feinstein and Peg Elliott Mayo: Harper, 1990
Sacred Dying: Creating Ritals for Embracing the End of Life, by Megory Anderson: Marlow and Company (New York) 2001-3
A Social History of Dying, by Allan Kellehear: Cambridge University Press, 2007 (British)
Shamanic Guide to Death and Dying, by Kristin Madden: Spilled Candy Publications, 2005
Talking About Death: A Dialogue Between Parent And Child, by Earl Grollman: Beacon Press, 1990
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche: HarperCollins, 1992/2002 (Tibetan)
To Live until We Say Good-Bye, by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Simon and Schuster, 1997
To Die Well Your Right to Comfort, Calm, and Choice in the Last Days of Life, by Sidney Wanzer, M.D: Da Capo Press, 2008.
Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1997
The Wheel of Life: A Memoir of Living and Dying, by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Scribner, 1997
When We Die: The Science, Culture, and Rituals of Death, by Cedric Mims: St. M., 1998 (Australian)
When You Know You're Dying: 12 Thoughts to Guide You Through the Days Ahead, by James E. Miller: Willowgreen Publishing, 1997
The Wisdom of Dying: Practices for Living, by N. Michael Murphy: Element, 1999
The Undertaking: Life Studies from the Dismal Trade, by Thomas Lynch: W.W. Horton and Company, 1997, and Penguin Books, 1998
A Year to Live: How to Live This Year As if it Were Your Last, by Stephen Levine: Bell Tower, 1997

The Zen of Living and Dying: A Practical & Spiritual Guide, by Philip Kapleau: Shambhala, 1998, 1997

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Books for Adults by non-Canadians

  Companion Through Darkness: Inner Dialogues on Grief, by Stephanie Ericsson: HarPer, 1993
  A Complex Sorrow: Reflections On Cancer And An Abbreviated Life, by Marianne Paget: Temple University Press, 1993
  Dying: a Book of Comfort: Healing Words on Loss and Grief, edited by Pat McNees: Guild America Books, 1996
  Gentle Closings: How to Say Goodbye to Someone You Love, by Ted Menten: Running Press, 1991
  A Grief Observed, by C.S. Lewis: Harper & Row, 1961 (British)
  Give Sorrow Words: A Father's Passage Through Grief, by Tom Crider: Algonquin, 1996.
  The Heart of Grief: Death and the Search for Lasting Love, by Thomas Attig: Oxford University Press, 2000
  I Will Remember You: What To Do When Someone You Love Dies, by Laura Dower: Scholastic Paperbacks, 2001
  How It Feels When A Parent Dies, by Jill Krementz: Knopf, 1981
  How We Grieve: Relearning the World, by Thomas Attig: Oxford University Press, 2011
  Life After Loss: The Lessons of Grief, by Vamik D. Volkan & Elizabeth Zintl: Scribner's Sons, 1993
  Life After Loss: Conquering Grief and Finding Hope, by Raymond Moody Jr. & Dianne Arcangel: HarperSanFrancisco, 2001
    Living, Loving and Loss: The Interplay of Intimacy, Sexuality and Grief by Brad Deford & Richard B. Gilbert (editors): Baywood Publishing Company, 2013
  Losing Your Parents, Finding Your Self: The Defining Turning Point of Adult Life, by Victoria Secunda: Hyperion, 2000
  The Loss That is Forever: the Lifelong Impact of the Early Death of a Mother or Father, by Maxine Harris: Penguin, 1995
  A Music I No Longer Heard: The Early Death of a Parent, by Leslie Simon & Jan Johnson Drantell: Simon and Schuster, 1998
  The Orphaned Adult: Understanding and Coping with Grief & Change After the Death of Our Parents, by Alexander Levy: Perseus, 1999
  Remembering Well: Rituals for Celebrating Life and Mourning Death, by Sarah York: Jossey-Bass, 2000
  The Rights Of The Dying: A Companion For Life's Final Moments (Audio), by David Kessler: Harper Audio, 1997
  Seven Choices: Taking the Steps to New Life After Losing Someone You Love, by Elizabeth Harper Neeld: Potter, 1990
  When the Bough Breaks: Forever After the Death of a Son or Daughter, by Judith R. Bernstein: A&M, 1997
  You Can Help Someone Who's Grieving: A How-to Healing Handbook, by Victoria Frigo, Diane Fisher & Mary Lou Cook: Penguin, 1996

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Fiction Books on Death and Bereavement for Children by non-Canadians

  Children's Books Guide on Death (a variety of books on death and dying for children, with descriptions)
  After Charlotte's Mom Died, by Cornelia Spelman
  A Summer To Die, by Lois Lowry
Badger's Parting Gift, by Susan Varley: HarperCollins (1992)
  Bats about Baseball, by Jean Little & Claire Mackay
  Beat The Turtle Drum, by Constance Greene
  A Begonia For Miss Applebaum, by Paul Zindel

Blow Me a Kiss, Miss Lilly, by Nancy Carlstrom

  The Borning Room, by Paul Fleischman
  Bridge To Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson
  Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White: Harper Collins Childrens, 1952
  Chasing Redbird, by Sharon Creech
  Cry, Heart, But Never Break by by Glenn Ringtved (Author), Charlotte Pardi (Illustrator), Robert Moulthrop (Translator)
  Daddy's Climbing Tree, by C.S. Adler
Davey McGravy, by Poet David Mason
  The Dead Bird, by Margaret Wise Brown
  Everett Anderson's Goodbye, by Lucille Clifton
Duck, Death and the Tulip, by Wolf Erlbruch: Gecko Press, New Zealand
  The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, A Story of Life for All Ages, by Leo Buscaglia
The Flat Rabbit, Bárður Oskarsson author/illustrator
  Flip-Flop Girl, by Katherine Paterson
  The Gardener, by Sarah Stewart
  Gentle Willow: A Story for Children About Dying, by Joyce C. Mills
  Grandma Calls Me Beautiful, by Barbara Joosse
  I Had A Friend Named Peter, by Janice Cohn
  I Miss You: A First Look At Death, by Pat Thomas
  The Happy Funeral, by Eve Bunting (Irish)
  How to Take Your Grandmother to the Museum, by Lois Wyse
The Heart and the Bottle, by Oliver Jeffers (hardcopy and app versions)
  Kira-Kira, by Cynthia Kadohata
Little Tree, by Katsumi Komagata
Love is Forever, by writer Casey Rislov and artist Rachel Balsaits
  Mick Harte Was Here, by Barbara Park
  Missing May, by Cynthia Rylant
My Father's Arms Are a Boat, by writer Stein Erik Lunde and illustrator Øyvind Torseter, translated by Kari Dickson
  Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs, by Tomie dePaola
  Poppy's Chair, by Karen Hesse
  Remember the Butterflies, by Anna Grossnickle Hines
  Rudi's Pond, by Eve Bunting (Irish)
  The Sad Book, by Michael Rosen (British)
  Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, by Eleanor Coerr
  Saying It Out Loud, by Joan Abelove
  Something Small, by Rebecca Honig (Sesame Street productions English and Spanish downloadable PDFs )
  Sunflowers and Rainbows for Tia, by Alesia Alexander Greene
  Sweet, Sweet Memory, by Jacqueline Woodson

The Day the Angels Fell, by Shawn Smucker (Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, November 29, 2014)

The Tear: A Children’s Story of Transformation and Hope When a Loved One Dies, by Nancy Jewel Poer
  Tears Of A Tiger, by Sharon Draper
  The Tenth Good Thing About Barney, by Judith Viorst
  Tiger Eyes, by Judy Blume
  Two Mrs. Gibsons, by Toyomi Igus
  Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt: 1975
  Upside-Down Cake, by Carol Carrick
  You Hold Me And I'll Hold You, by Jo Carson
  Wander, by Susan Lindquist
We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy, Maurice Sendak
  Whirligig, by Paul Fleischman

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Non-fiction books on Death and Bereavement for Children and Teens by non-Canadians



Bereaved Children And Teens, by Earl Grollman: Beacon Press, 1995

  Brightest Star, by Kathleen Maresh Hemery 1998 (see also Centering)
  Children And Grief: When A Parent Dies, by William Worden, Ph.D. : Guilford Press, 1996
  An Early Journey Home: Helping Dying Children and Grieving Families, by Mary Ann Froehlich: Baker Book House, 1992
  The Empty Place, by Roberta Temes, 2008 (see also Centering)

Grief Skills for Life: A Personal Journal for Adolescents About Loss, by Judy Davidson (editor): Renew Center for Personal Recovery Inc, 2002

  The Grieving Teen: A Guide for Teenagers and Their Friends, by Helen Fitzgerald: Fireside, 2000
  Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens: 100 Practical Ideas (part of the Healing Your Grieving Heart series) by Alan D. Wolfelt, PhD (see further books at Center for Loss): Companion Press, 2001
  Help Me Say Goodbye: Activities for Helping Kids Cope When a Special Person Dies, by Janis Silverman: Fairview Press, 1999
  I Miss You: A First Look At Death, by Pat Thomas: Barron's Educational Series, 2001
  Lifetimes: the Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children, by Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen (Australian?)
The Little Book of Loss — pictures of feelings of loss by children from Perth and Kinross Primary Schools in Scotland — available through The Little Website
  Let's Talk About Going To A Funeral, by Marianne Johnston
  Since My Brother Died, by Marisol Munoz-Kiehne, 2008 (see also Centering)
  Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love, by A. Grollman: Beacon Press, 1993

Talking About Death: A Dialogue Between Parent And Child, by Earl Grollman

  When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens About Grieving & Healing, by Marilyn E. Gootman, Ed.D: Free Spirit Publishing, 2005

When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death (Dino Life Guides for Families series), by Laurene Krasny Brown: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 1996

  When Will I Stop Hurting?: Teens, Loss, and Grief (It Happened to Me), by Edward Myers: Scarecrow Press, 2004
  Where Are You? A Child's Book About Loss, by Laura Olivieri:, 2007
  You are Not Alone: Teens Talk about Life After the Loss of a Parent, by Lynne B. Hughes (creator of Comfort Zone Camp® as a safe and fun place for grieving children - see Comfort Zone website for purchasing copies)
See also Virtual Hospice lists for 'Teens — About" and "Teens — For"(books, DVDs, and online resources — towards the end of the list of "Books, Links, and More")

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